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Explore a unique and magical island in the Mediterranean
You will be surprised by the amount of plans and leisure proposals that you'll find in this island of just 83 square kilometers. From cultural tours to famous places in the world going through water sports and walks through the main markets of Formentera. We offer a small selection for you to enjoy the islan while staying at one of our Paya hotels in Formentera.
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Discover Formentera
Different ways to discover the island
  • Es Cap de Barbaria
    Gaze at one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world from the famous Lighthouse of Cap de Barbaria.
  • Water sports
    Discover Formentera from the sea by kayak tours and paddle surf
  • Street markets
    in major urban centers of Formentera you will find markets, both day and night
  • Diving
    There are many places where you can dive and enjoy the seabed.
  • Popular festivals
    Throughout the year there are many festivals that are celebrated in a big way in Formentera.
  • La Mola Lighthouse
    It is said that this lighthouse was source of inspiration for 'The Lighthouse at the End of the World', by Jules Verne
  • Live music
    Every weekend you will find different places to dance the live music of great groups.
  • Ethnological Museum
    This free museum gives you the opportunity to discover the traditions of the islan