Five flowers hotel & spa, is a high-end hotel located in Formentera

If you want to feel at home on your business trip or family vacation, we recommend visiting Formentera, a very beautiful island located in Spain, full of beaches, with a warm and healthy atmosphere.

To do this, it is a great pleasure to stay in the luxury hotels in Formentera, as they are very elegant and satisfactory for the taste of the inhabitants of the island and tourists who travel to the area to enjoy the beautiful landscapes.

Five flowers hotel & spa, is a high-end hotel located in Formentera, which has the best services, so that your vacation or business stay, is the most comfortable and enjoyable. 

This hotel has luxury rooms and corridors, as well as spacious and modern rooms, providing the best attention to its guests.

Services offered by the most luxurious hotel in Formentera

The Five flowers hotel & spa, of the Paya Hotels chain, has countless services for travelers who want to stay and enjoy the excellent atmosphere.

Among the services offered by this hotel, the following stand out 

- It has swimming pools for adults and children, a Jacuzzi for the delight of its guests, as well as a spa for relaxation and treatments, and a gym to keep fit on vacation. 

- It has a fabulous restaurant and a bar, with incredible international dishes and cocktails, for the comfort of guests. In addition, a buffet breakfast is offered, where you can choose fruit, yogurt or other healthy meals.

- It offers an exclusive terrace with fabulous views and a pleasant atmosphere, where you can enjoy with your family.

- It offers great attention and treatment by its staff.

- It has wireless internet service, so that people staying at the hotel are connected to the network and can surf without difficulty. Therefore, communication in the facilities, are always available.

- They provide excellent room services, all to keep the guest or visitor of the facility very comfortable.

- It offers different rooms: single, double, for the whole family, among others. In them you will find availability of digital TV, internet, telephone for international calls, clean bathrooms and daily towel service.

This hotel offers many options to its guests, which will be an unreachable joy, compared to any other accommodation site in Formentera.

Transport delivered by the most luxurious hotel in Formentera

The most luxurious hotel on the island, it has several transport services, which can be private vehicles or bicycles, to make a quiet tour of the island of Formentera. 

Car rentals are also part of the services provided by this luxury hotel in Formentera, so that guests can move from the hotel to any nearby or nearby place.

There is a taxi service installed in the hotel, for tourists who wish to be taken to the city, without the need to drive. From the comfort of your room, you can book a car to take you wherever you want.

So don't wait any longer and book into the best luxury hotel in Formentera. 


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