The autumn climate on Formentera is mild and warm

Formentera, like the rest of the Balearic Islands, has a typically Mediterranean climate, as do all the autonomous communities in the Mediterranean basin. What does this mean? This means that temperatures are quite mild and that rainfall is scarce and tends to be concentrated mainly in winter. In short, the autumn climate on Formentera is mild and warm. 

More than 300 sunny days a year

Actually, temperatures are mild all year round, with warmer summers, with warm autumns at the beginning and very mild temperatures at the end of autumn. This allows you to travel to Formentera and enjoy the magic of this island and all the magic and charm that is breathed by the island, can be done throughout the year.

In addition to the group of islands that make up the Balearic archipelago (Menorca, Ibiza and Mallorca), Formentera is one of the warmest and where there is less risk of rain. In fact, it is called the Islands of the Sun, as it is in our little piece of paradise the island with the most sunny days, having an average of 300 days of sunshine a year. Does that sound good?

Yes, you can swim in autumn in Formentera

For those who wonder if they will be able to swim in Formentera in autumn, the answer is yes. No doubt about it. The climate and the temperature of the water make it the ideal place for that last getaway to the beach, or the perfect spot for water sports.

Moreover, although it is already autumn, the sea temperature does not reach very low levels. Normally, it is around 20 degrees Celsius practically all year round. Being in the winter season when its waters can lower its temperatures a little more. Its beautiful crystalline waters, their temperature and its seabed make Formentera a sanctuary for many scuba diving and snorkelling enthusiasts.

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